Can some summarize what happens from Chapter 10 to the end of The Devil's Arithmetic?

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Chapter 10: Hannah and the others had been in the truck riding when they came to a train station. They are shoved into a train car and crammed as tightly as possible. They have to stand. Hannah's face is pressed against boards which allows her a little air. People start screaming. Hannah screams as well. Their belongings are taken from them. Fayge sees her grandmother's items. She panics.

Chapter 11: The people on the train ride for four days. They are hungry and thirsty. They can not go to the restroom. The unit smells and is hot.A child dies and several old people die. They arrive at the concentration camp. Hannah is terrified. She knows they are death camps. A woman in charge takes her blue hair ribbons. They are stripped naked, showered, and their heads are shaved.

Chapter 12: Hannah is forced to choose a dress from a pile of clothing. The arm pits are stained and it has a funny odor. There is an awareness that the clothes were worn by others who perished in the camp. A man recognizes the dress that Hannah had chosen. He says it was his daughters. Tzipporah dies in the bunk during their first night. Gitl confronts a guard about food, but is only told that when they do get food they should eat it.

Chapter 13: While being given their Every Bowls the girls meet Rivka. She tells them about the things that they need to know to survive. The reader does not know it yet, but Rivka will be Aunt Eva in the future, Hannah's aunt.

Chapter 14: Rivka teaches Hannah what the numbers mean. She lost all of her family, except one brother, through the death in the camp. She tells the girls about the doors into a cave where people are put to death, which is really a gas chamber. She also explains about the garbage heap where the children in the camp hide during routine inspections. Rivka explains that she has one brother left and he calls himself a zero because of the things the soldiers make him do. She has been in the camp for over a year.

Chapter 15: The Rabbi has been killed. He was beaten first and while in the hospital he had made a remark that was unfavorable. They tell Fayge. She starts to scream and her mouth is covered by the other women. They pray for the Rabbi. Hannah learns about the responsibility of saying the death prayer.

Chapter 16: Rivka continues to remain the strength of the others. She helps keep their hopes alive. Rivka tells them that God is with them. She wants them to know that even though it seems like God is not there, if Satan is there, God is there. Fayge begins to speak again.

Chapter 17: Shmuel escapes from the camp and leaves his wife behind. He knows she is already numb to everything and worries only about the food that is scarcely given.

Chapter 18: Rivka and two others are chosen to go to Lillith's cave where they will be put to death. Hannah switches places with her by taking off Rivka's kerchief and putting it on. She knows she is going to her death when the doors to the room opens.

Chapter 19: Hannah turns wound to find her at the table during the Sedar. She is talking about the memories. She and Aunt Eva go off to talk alone. Aunt Eva tells her that her name in the camps was Rivka and Hannah was named after her friend Chaya (Hannah) from the camps who had died in her place. Hannah now has an understanding of the importance of her heritage.

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