Can someone please tell me what happens in "New Moon" from start to finish?Well i read the books but i want to get a part in the movie and well i also want to be in the eclipse movie but i need to...

Can someone please tell me what happens in "New Moon" from start to finish?

Well i read the books but i want to get a part in the movie and well i also want to be in the eclipse movie but i need to know about the second book.

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dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you really sure that you wouldn't rather re-read the second book. I think that this would be much better than having it regurgitated back to you in third person.

I will tell you this, in New Moon, Edward does something that he promised never to do and no reader could ever have seen it coming. After this incident, Bella has to deal with some very strong emotions and even more difficult decisions. Jacob plays a much larger role in this book and it is his friendship that helps her through this tough time.

While Bella deals with her own issues, Jacob has his own "drama" to sort out. He too has some decisions to make. He's carrying a very big secret that he fears may injure his friendship with Bella.

If you enjoyed reading Twilight, you are going to LOVE New Moon.

udonbutterfly | Student

I'll make it as short as possible but I highly suggest that you reread to fully understand the sequence and everything.

The book starts off with Bella's fear of becoming older than Edward(of course in her dream) and she wakes to her birthday. Alice has put together a birthday party for Bella against Bella's wishes. While passing out gifts Bella gets a paper cut which makes Jasper go crazy and Edward get super protective.

After this whole incident Edward starts to act weird and Bella gets the feeling maybe he's planning on doing something that leaves a bad feeling. She confronts Edward about this and they meet in the woods to talk. There in the woods is where Edward leaves her saying that well he had a good time now it's time for him to move on.

He leaves her crying and passed out in the woods which is how Sam finds her. From then she becomes a robot, she goes to school, eat, work ,sleep, school, eat. It gets so bad to the point her dad forces her to go out with her friend somewhere so she decides to go with Jessica to Port Angeles to see a movie and she runs into guys who look like the ones who were following her in Twilight the time Edward saved her. So she decides to approach them which is when she's presented with her first allusion of Edward telling her to cautious and safe.

Bella figures out that danger is what brings out the allusion of Edward so she looks for thrill seeking things to do in order to see Edward and comes across two dirt bikes. She entrusts the bikes with Jacob to fix up and in the process they become really close to the point where Bella needs him to at least be functional.

So on the night they decide to go to the movies Jacob where he asks her to stop holding on to Edward and give him a real chance but then this is struck down Jacob is plagued by a fever and constant vomiting (this is the moment Jacob is starting to shift). This is the last time Bella see's him and it's making her go crazy(she also goes to the field that her and Edward use to go and the wolves end up saving her).

So Bella is back and forth Jacob trying to figure out what is going on with him and he tells her that he's a wolf. Then one day while she's at Jacob house waiting for him to go cliff with her but he never comes so she decides  to go diving by herself because she's hooked on seeing Edward (almost like a drug). 

So she cliff dives ignoring the signs of bad weather approaching and almost dies while seeing the image of Edward but then Jacob saves her just in time. If it had not been for Victoria jumping into the ocean to escape from the pack Jacob would not have known. Jacob takes her back to her house where his vampire radar immediately goes up. Bella sees one of the Cullen's car and goes crazy not caring whether Jacob thinks it's safe or not.

When Bella opens the door she comes face to face with Alice who thought she was dead because she'd seen her jump off the cliff. Then Harry Clearwater, Seth's dad, dies from a heart attack. A day or two goes by when Alice see that Edward is about to do something very stupid. Rosalie called Edward and said that Bella was dead and Alice had seen it happen so to confirm that she was dead he calls looking for Bella's dad but Jacob picks up the phone and tells him that he's at a funeral.

Edward's choice is made, he is definitely going to the Voltaire to kill him self and he abandons his cellphone. Alice tells Bella and they are off to Italy to save Edward from exposing himself.

Now in Italy Bella races to Edward and saves him before he exposes himself but Edward thinks he's died and that if he has gone to hell he would gladly stay there. But then Felix another of the Voltaire closes  in on them and he realizes that Bella is really there in his arms. So they are guided to the castle where the Voltaire reside and they decide that Bella can be kept alive under the condition that she is turned into a vampire with the help of Alice.

Then both Edward and Bella get back together with Edward promising to stay with her no matter what. Then they begin to get reacquainted with each other and what's been going on. Then Edward apologies some more for not keeping her safe and leaving her.

The end haha.

If you need fill in were I left off a little here you go :D -

orlamcca | Student

Edward moves because he does not want to see bella get hurt by jasper he trys to bite her in the she gets attached to jacob.laurent trys to kill bella because victoria wants to because they killed james and then she finds out that jacob is a werewolf so she is pretty shocked. then edward trys to kill him self so alice comes to bellas house to tell her so they go to italy were the leader of all vampires is and she saves edward. but at the end jacod is really mad so they stop and if bella turns into a vampire the tribe can kill her then edward asks bella to marry her.  hpoe you enjoy the film i did so i hope you do.

misses-jacob-black | Student

Re-read the book!  They are wonderful and you will have no problem doing so.  If you don't understand something, read the part over.