Can Some one help me this Cause and effect please? Using a cause and effect pattern, complete the following: Explain to a younger person what you,ve learned over the last couple of years about the...

Can Some one help me this Cause and effect please?

Using a cause and effect pattern, complete the following:

Explain to a younger person what you,ve learned over the last couple of years about the consequences of behavior.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, there is an unbalanced ratio between the duration of an initial behavior and the duration of its consequences. This is the lesson that too many of us have learned the proverbial "hard way."  So often it takes only a few minutes to commit terrible mistakes, but the results can last a lifetime. This is the greatest lesson that adults have learned.

One behavior that has serious consequences nowadays is driving after having imbibed more than the legal limit of alcohol (which is not high). This rash action of only a brief time can effect serious, if not deadly, consequences. If someone is killed, the driver has this death on his/her conscience for life, of course, not to mention punitive damages. But, even if the driver is only stopped and arrested for a DUI, the financial repercussions are great and lasting.

The following information is provided by the state of California, so other states may have lower costs.

Here is what the financial costs can be for a teen arrested for a DUI:

Cost of annual increase in car insurance over 13 years:  $40,000
DUI Classes (Alcoholics Anonymous)                                     650
Towing and Storage (while under arrest)                               137
Fines and Attorney Fees                                                      4000
DMV (Driver Motor Vehicle)Reinstatement Fee                      100   
Estimated Minimum Total                                                 45,000

In addition to these financial costs, there are other serious costs to the offender's life. Here is a list of the time costs to an individual who is arrested for a DUI. (This list does not include hospitalization of the individual or his/her inability to find employment because of a DUI on his/her record. Nor does it include any award of any lawsuits resulting from a death. All of these conditions could total in the millions of dollars.)

Driver license suspension - 3 mo. for adults/12 mo. for teens
Average time in jail                                          6 mo.
Average time on Probation                               3 years
Number of yrs. with 2 points on driving record  13 years
DUI classes                                                       6 months
Time in court                                                    many months
Time incarcerated if there is a murder charge   imprisonment/yrs.

Truly, there is a price tag on every wrong action that one commits, and it is a tag that is not easily--if not, impossible--to completely remove.

rachellopez | Student

When you make a decision it will effect your future. An example that a kid may best understand is something they can relate to. For example if they choose to eat their vegetables at dinner that is a good decision and in return they may get a dessert. However if they choose to leave their vegetables, they do not get a treat or the nutrients they would get from the vegetables. You could also explain something in a story format, maybe something that has happened to you or a friend/family member. This could be about academic choices, social choices, or other things they may face in the future.

clyoon | Student

I would make a general statement saying that your behavior affects not only affects you, but others as well.

Then I would proceed to give different examples of times from my life when I behaved in ways that negatively and/or positively affected not only my life but my family or friends', too.

Some examples you could give:

Driving recklessly --> put myself in danger as well as my passengers and others on the road

Swearing --> made swearing more common in my language, made others uncomfortable, could express my emotions more

Goofing off in class --> paid less attention to the lesson, made others laugh, boosted my image of a goofball, made some others annoyed, distracted others from learning, didn't know how to do that day's homework assignment

cindergirl | Student

I would probably tell them a story (younger person in my mind equals children in elementary school).

"Once upon a time you and [Insert their best friend's name here] went on an adventure- to rescue the princess (or whatever they're obsessed with)! But this quest wasn't an easy one, and you and [Best friend's name] soon ran into trouble. /add dramatic effects here to get them hooked/ Your horse ran away once you got to the castle, so you and your best friend were now fighting over who would bring the princess back. The hero that brings the princess back would get gold and a lot of treasures, while the other would get nothing. But then, during your fight, the princess got tired and walked herself home. In the end, neither of you were rewarded."

Then go on to state what the theme is, basically how greed gets people nowhere.

And if the younger person you were referring to was a teenager/young adult, this works on them too, I promise. ^^ If it doesn't, reality works the best in my opinion as a teenager. Knowing bad things are happening in the world versus seeing them happen matures a person a lot. 

Good luck!

amysor | Student

Construct your essay based on different upbringings. For example, a good child is good because they are a result of actions throughout his childhood. Their parents probably taught them good things, so as a result of these actions, the child is well behaved. While a bad child probably had the opposite, which is why they are bad. You have to explain that in simple scenarios that they would understand. You use this example to describe the definition of cause and effect, and then talk about your personal experience over the past couple years.