Epiphany Examples

Can someone give the examples of epiphanies in real life?

i know what a epiphany is, but it is so hard to example from my life

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are young, so you may not have experienced an ephiphany yet. An epiphany is when you suddenly realize something or suddenly comprehend something. It is sometimes called an "Aha! Moment" because when you have an ephiphany, you often exclaim, "Oh! Ah ha!"

You can look up some famous epiphanies in real life - one listed is when Archimedes realized how to estimate the volume of a given mass. He supposedly exclaimed, "Eureka! I have found it!" Another epiphany from real life is perhaps when Sir Isaac Newton was sitting under the apple tree, the apple fell on his head, and he realized that gravity existed. Or, when Martin Luther was reading the book of Romans in the Bible, and he came to Ephesians where it said "By grace are you saved, through faith" and he may have said, "Oh! NOW I see! Salvation is up to God - I can't save myself! Ah ha!" and this led him to find 95 things wrong with the Church, and post his 95 theses on the cathedral door.

Have you ever suddenly understood a math problem? Or suddenly understood what one of your teachers was explaining? Or have you been reading a novel like Great Expectations and suddenly realized at one point in the novel, "Ah ha! I bet Miss Havisham is NOT Pip's benefactor! I'll bet it is the convict!" If so, you have had an epiphany. They are not always as dramatic as discovering gravity!


vonn | Student

I have questions for you, that will help you to look back  your experience that can be an epiphany

a. Do you have an experience, that you did not know something but later on you already discovered it and embraces it as part of your life?

b. Is there an event in your family, that you realize the essence/value/purpose/reason of something, someone?

c. Have you felt a great self-awareness of something and eager to know more about that?

d. How you cope up problems that you did not know? How you solve these things? What things you do to make it easy? Does it gives you new knowledge that links your prior knowledge?


These will surely help you to reflect on your past so that you can see and discovered that it is an epiphany.Hope I contribute a lot