Island of the Blue Dolphins Questions and Answers
by Scott O'Dell

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Can some give me 4 sentence about the problem in Island of the Blue Dolphins? Can you give me four sentences about the problem in The Island of the Blue Dolphins?

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In The Island of the Blue Dolphins,  the primary problem was one of survival. Not only must Karana survive against the pack of dogs that killed her little brother, but she must do all of the work that a village had done in the past. She had to build, gather food, clothe herself, and worst of all, make tools and hunt. In her tribe, toolmaking and hunting was forbidden to women, so she had little knowledge of how to make the tools. She also had to explore her own sense of mysticism when she found the cave with the dead man and effigies in it. Sailing, boat repair, and navigation became necessary when she decided to abandon the island and find her people. When she met the woman of the Aleuts, she had to develop a method of communication and social skills. Lastly, she had to deal with her own sense of being alone, possibly for the rest of her life. Finally, Karana had to learn to live with a group of people foreign to her.

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