Can science make us live forever?

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I wonder if anybody would really want to live forever. Forever is a long, long time. And if people kept having children and everybody lived forever, the earth would become so crowded that there would be standing room only. Already the world is becoming overpopulated, and our species is pushing many other species to extinction. Science may come up with ways to colonize other planets and even to build big space cities floating around in the universe. But what would be the advantage of just having more and more people? Science is already creating a lot of problems for mankind.

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No. Forever may be very elusive to express how science can be very helpful to us humans. The right term perhaps is it can make our lives better, efficient and effective. These terms can be synonymous to a happy, contented and worry-free life. There may be medications such us nanotech, biomedical sciences, stem cells and other new procedures that can enhance life to its fullest but not among those techniques can make us live forever. Perhaps it can make our lives longer because it can repair the damages in our cells that cause our physical structures to deteriorate. Apparently, some of the techniques that fascinate the human thoughts are bound to be fictitious. But we do not close the doors, human minds are capable of further discovery and we never know that the things that are impossible in our minds today may be possible 100 years from now.

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