can sameone tell me what is 6x+9 i know its a easy question but i cant do it ,but i can do the other ones

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From your question, I'm not really sure exactly what you need done with this problem, but I'll give it a shot. Your originally question is: 6x+9. Unless I'm wrong, you would have to assign a value for the other side of the equation such as 6x+9=y. If you are trying to solve for x, then you would have to isolate x on one side of the equation by subtracting 9 such as 6x+9-9=y-9. Then you would have to reduce to x by dividing both sides of the equation by 6 such as 6x/6=(y-9)/6. This would leave you with x=(y-9)/6. You would then need to reduce (y-9)/6 by 3. So it would then read x=(y-3)/2.

Now it's been a while, but if this isn't right, maybe it is close enough to get you going. Good Luck.


atyourservice | Student

It depends on what you are trying to do, if you are solving for it or factoring it:

6x+9 = 0

subtract 9

6x = -9

divide by 6

x = -9/6 or -3/2

or you can also factor out




If it is asking you to unsimplify, then 6x-9, you can take a 3 multiple out giving you 3(2x-3).

neela | Student

6x+9 is an algebraic expression with 2 terms . The first term is 6x and the second term is 9.

6x+9 is a binomial.

6x is inditerminate number or value, where 6 is the numrrical coefficient the indeterminate(or variable) x.

9 is a known or a number.

6x+9 implies  9 more than six times an indeterminate value.

If 6x+9 = y, then x=(y-9)/6, the solution is O.K.

But 6x+9 = x^2, the x could be expressed (x^2-9)/x, but it did not solve for us what is x throuh a definite number.