Can a remote controlled flight be made? If yes, how can it be?   Does the air lift work without gaining velocity?

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "remote controlled flight".  If you are asking about a vehicle, such as an airplane, flying without anyone in it, the answer is most definitely yes.  We have been flying powered aircraft, both models and real-life size, for some time now.  The military, as a matter of fact, gathers much of their military intelligence by the use of unmanned drone aircraft, controlled by a "pilot" at the remote controls on the ground.

The second part of your question seems to ask about the curvature of the airfoil, or the wing part of the airplane.  The airplane flies by making the air travel faster over the top part of the wing, which creates a force called lift.  The lift force pushes against the bottom of the wing, picking up the wing into the air.  A certain velocity must be attained for this to happen; without the velocity, you do not create the force, and lift will not occur.

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