Can I purchase the notes for only one novel such as Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?No

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Enotes' study material is available through subscription.  I recommend getting the eNotes Basic pass.  You get access to all thousands of study guides, critical essays, and documents; in addition, with the basic pass you can ask 3 questions a day and have access to all of the expert responses.  At about four dollars a month, it's easily one of the best deals out there--some of those study guides on other sites are so expensive--and with the subscription, you have access toeverything.   

I looked at the notes for the novel myself.  They're excellent. 

kytelees | Student

I want to cancel my subscription too and can't find out how - it's a bit suspicious that there are no instructions on cancelling a subscription.


garijavi | Student

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I wish?

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