Can a public teacher in the state of texas legally employ a student ?for example: yard work, house cleaning, things like that if the student really needs it?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need to check with someone familiar with Texas law and with the specific situation or work being suggested. If yiou are the student who "really needs" the work, good for you for checking this out - but the teacher/prospective employer needs to do some research, too.

Some of the questions that need to be addressed: How many hours daily/weekly would you be working? What hours of the day or night? (There are limits to the number of hours and the lateness at night that you could work.) What type of work would you be doing? What type of equipment might you need to do it? (Again, there are limits on the use of power tools by teens.) Aside from legal considerations, practical questions would also need to be considered: How would you get to and from the work location? Would you still have enough time for homework, school activities, sleep, family activities, and so on? Would you be able to relate to the teacher appropriately in the classroom if you became acquainted with him/her on a different basis?