Can propionic acid be used in Khaman?    

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We are talking about propionic acid (a chemical) and Khaman (a food).


Propionic acid is an organic chemical with the formula CH3CH2CO2H.  It is a clear, colorless liquid with a sharp, unpleasant odor.  It its salt form like sodium propionate (CH3CH2CO2Na), it exists as a white solid that has antimicrobial properties.  Since it is a cheap chemical to produce on large scale, it is used as a food preservative in small proportions to prevent mold formation on baked goods.


Khaman is a particular type of Indian food found in western India.  It is essentially a baked good made from a flour produced from ground chickpeas that is soaked in water and then heated before being cut or sliced.  It is usually spiced or served with spicy garnishments like chilies or chutney.


Since Khaman is essentially a baked good, a small amount of propionic acid could be used in the batter as a preservative for Khaman produced on an industrial scale.  Keep in mind, however, that food additives and preservatives are usually carefully matched with the foods they are used in so that flavor profiles are not compromised.  This would mean that adding propionic acid to Khaman would need to be kitchen tested on a small scale before moving to large scale production.

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