Can a portrait reveal the truth about you?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that a portrait of a person can reveal a truth about the one pictured in a single moment of time. Much like a photograph, a portrait simply captures a moment in time. Therefore, a portrait is (typically) very one-dimensional in regards to emotions.

That being said, the way others view a portrait is much more important. Given that art is subjective, viewers of an individual portrait may see many different things within the face of the one pictured.

For example, while the person in the portrait may have been "going for" sadness, a person viewing the picture may see remorse, sadness, deep thought, fear, worry, or any other multitude of emotions.

Therefore, a portrait can reveal a truth, the truth is simply different for all those involved (meaning the person whom the portrait is of and the viewer).

arrellbelle | Student

I am getting two different questions from this:

  1. Can a portrait of yourself reveal the truth about yourself?
  2. Can a portrait done by you reveal the truth about yourself?

I'm going to assume that yes, some part of the truth will be revealed about yourself when your portrait is taken because a photograph is that moment in time that you'll never get back. Also, judging from the way you look or your body language will determine your emotions. Obviously a genuine smile suggests that you are happy and if you smile without your eyes, that means something is bothering you.

In the case of a portrait done by you, whatever you decide to photograph or draw suggests how you're feeling at the time as well, or what you dislike/like, and what interests you as an artist/photographer.

artisticdragon | Student

thank you so much