Can the poem "Goblin Market" be seen as demonstrating a power struggle between men and women?

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Christina Rossetti grew up in an incredibly artistic home. Passionate about both religion and various forms of art, most of the siblings explored their talents in these realms. Her brothers, Dante and William, were members of a group that sought to return to the great art of the early Italian Renaissance (reflecting their father's roots). This group was called the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and Christina was never a member; this is not surprising considering the standards of the Victorian ideals in England. She did contribute to the group, but she remained always distinctly outside the circle.

Perhaps "Goblin Market" focuses on a world of women to reflect the potential power females could have when they really support each other. In the poem, these goblins are forever trying to tempt the sisters, and Laura falls victim to their schemes. However, Lizzie bravely returns to the goblins where they:

Bullied and besought her,
Scratch'd her, pinch'd her black as ink,
Kick'd and knock'd her,

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