Can I please have a summary of  'The Gift of the Magi'? Specifically the description of Della's house.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Della's house is a "shabby little house." It was an apartment that she and Jim rented for $8 a week. It looks as if it were a home for beggars ("mendicants" is the word used in the story). It had a mail box that was so beat up, no letters could go in it, a bell that did not work, the glass windows were dirty and thin and she could barely see her reflection in it, but alas, she DID see her reflection and in that reflection, she saw that she had beautiful hair and that she could cut it off and sell it to buy a gift for her husband for Christmas. She wanted to get him a watch chain for his special watch. The long and short of the story is that he, too, wanted to get her a great gift, and the only thing of value he had was his watch, which he sold to buy her-- YES!  A beautiful comb to put in her hair. It is a superb example of irony.

You can read about the story AND read the text of it right here on enotes for more info and for your complete summary. I've just given a quick synopsis.