Can I please have a summary of Chapters 1-6 from Small Steps?I'm doing a project.

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Small Steps is the sequel to Louis Sacher's book Holes.

In Chapter 1, Armpit is back home after serving time at Camp Green Lake.  He is trying to get his life back on track, one "small step" at a time.

In Chapter 2, X-Ray, a friend from Camp Green Lake, arrives with a plan to make some money scalping concert tickets - buying them at regular price and reselling them for more.  He tells Armpit that tickets to Kaira DeLeon's concerts have been resold for as much as $750.

In Chapter 3, Armpit walks with his friend Ginny, who has cerebral palsy.  Armpit helps Ginny learn to do things despite her disability, and Ginny "(gives) his life meaning".  Although Armpit's parents are suspicious and unsupportive, he and Ginny help each other learn to take "small steps" toward becoming confident, whole individuals.

In Chapter 4, Kaira DeLeon asks her agent how much money she has made.  It seems that the adults surrounding her are exploiting her for their own gain.  Her agent admits that he planted the story about tickets to her concerts selling for $750.  

In Chapter 5, Armpit and X-Ray wait in line to get their tickets.  They meet a group of professional scalpers, who offer to buy their tickets from them.  Armpit and X-Ray refuse, thinking they'll make more reselling them on their own.

In Chapter 6, Ginny shows Armpit her stuffed animal collection.  Each animal has a disability of some sort, just like Ginny.

abby301133 | Student

Chapter 1- Armpit is back home after being imprisoned in Camp Green Lake. He now works for the yard that belongs to the mayor of Austin, with the name of Cherry Lane. She comes to see ARmout abd tekks gun that she admires him for getting through all the terrible things in Camp Green Lake. Returning to Austin, Armpit sets five "small steps" for himself and tries to turn his life around.

hanchick | Student

how about chapters 7- the whole book?


dodgerluv1021 | Student

thanx for the answer dymatsuoka!!!!!!!!!!

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