Can I please get help, I need to compare and contrast "A Summer of my German Soldier" and "Flowers for Allgernon" I need 5 paragraphs! Thank you! NEED IT BY TOMORROW!!!!!!!

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In this essay, you will need an introduction, three body paragraphs where you write the comparisons and contrasts, and a conclusion paragraph for a total of five paragraphs.  First, you need to think carefully about what you want to use as comparison which means "like each other" and contrast which means "unlike each other."  For example, if you look at the main characters in each story, both of them are treated as outcasts which is a similarity.  You would need to find evidence in both stories which show the characters being treated as outcasts.  Another example is that each main character has to learn to deal with a difficult situation but each situation is totally different. Depending on what you choose for examples, you could use this as either a comparison or a contrast.  Another idea is the time setting for the two stories which is a contrast.  Flowers for Algernon is really set in the future as scientists are not able to raise someone's intelligence by such a margin as seen in the story of Charlie in Flowers for Algernon.  The novel, A Summer of my German Soldier, is set in the past during World War II, and the young girl must make choices with which her family will not necessarily agree.  The war is still happening and people still dying.  The young German soldier represents the enemy.  Choose ideas which you can talk about for an entire paragraph using examples from the two stories to prove the comparison or contrast.  Good luck

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