Can I please get a full list of famous people and their titles? like Obama-1st african american president of the US or Mohandas Ghandi -led indians to their freedom Something like that.

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Two unsung heroes:

Alan Turing (1912-1954) English mathematician, crypotologist, and computer scientist.  His breaking the German Enigma code machine in 1940 gave Great Britain (and then the United States) complete information regarding German military movements for the rest of World War II.

William Dawes (1745-1799) American Patriot.  The other Midnight Rider who warned the colonists that the British were advancing, but unlike Paul Revere, did not get a poem written that would immortalize him.

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What about including inventors:

1.  Louis Daguerre - the inventor of the first photograph, the daguerrotype

2.  The Wright Brothers - who invented a plane that would develop flight as a reality.

3.  Thomas A. Edison - inventor of many, many things. Of course, his light bulb is the most famous.

4. Heinrich Göbel - the inventor of the incandescent light bulb.

Then in the United States, there are the famous forefathers of this country:

1.  George Washington - Great general of the Revolution; first President of the U.S.

2. Thomas Jefferson - tremendous statesman, briliant philosopher; president of the country

3. Benjamin Franklin - phenomenal statesman, ambassador, inventor, author, philosopher

4. Thomas Paine - author of The Rights of Man, Common Sense,  The Age of Reason, Paine was a great mind whose thoughts were so revered that they were included in the formation of French revolutionary thought. He was also an inventor.

5.  Patrick Henry - a Colonist who defines American patriotism and courage.

 Finally, a famous humanitarian, Mother Teresa.

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Are you sticking with political figures? You might try typing into a search engine like google search terms such as "important twentieth century political figures" or "political figures" but it would help to have a much more specific list in order to get what you really want.
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I think the best way for you to compromise a list is by having this question moved to the Discussion section of History. By doing this, you will most likely get a list compromised of many different people, with different backgrounds, and different significations.

1. Dolly: The first cloned being (1996). Not human, but a great first nonetheless.

2. Geraldine Ferraro: The first female Vice-Presidential Candidate (1984).

3. Barbara Walters : The first female nighttime news anchor (1976).

4. Sandra Day O'Connor: The first female Supreme Court Justice (1981).

5. Louise Brown: The first "Test-Tube Baby," she was born in England in 1978.

6. John Mercer Langston: The first locally elected African American official (1855, Ohio).

7. Colin Powell: First African American Secretary of State (2001).

8. Condoleezza Rice: First African American woman to be elected to Secretary of State (2005).

9. Ralph J. Bunche: First African American to win the Nobel Peace Prize (1950).

10. Thomas L. Jennings: First African American to hold a patent (1821).

11. Lucy Terry: First African American poet (1746).

12. Phillis Wheatley: First African American published poet (1773).

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