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What are some meanings of the essay "Of Anger" by Francis Bacon? In particular, what are the three causes and motives of anger that Francis Bacon mentions?    

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In his essay “Of Anger,” Sir Francis Bacon lists various causes or motives of anger, including the following:

  • a “natural inclination and habit to be angry”: in other words, a tendency toward anger may be part of a particular person’s character and is probably also innate in human nature.
  • an inability or disinclination to be patient, so that we behave like bees (in the words of Seneca):

. . . animasque in vulnere ponunt


[that put their lives in the sting].

  • weakness. Bacon suggests that weak persons are more likely to be angry than strong persons.

Bacon cites three causes of anger especially:

  1. being overly sensitive – in other words, having feelings that are too easily hurt.
  2. assuming that any injuring one receives from others was full of contempt and disrespect – in other words,...

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