Can a person relate the idea of the journeyman canterbury tales to their own Christian life?

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Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories that Chaucer wrote towards the end of the 14th century. The "tales" are told by a group of pilgrims that are on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Thomas a Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. A pilgrimage is a long journey for the purpose of religious devotion or to seek moral guidance. Pilgrimages are an important part of many world religions and, in fact, are commanded by some (Islam - called the Hajj). In Christianity, there are many places to which persons make pilgrimages (many in the Holy Land and to other locations where miracles have occured, like Lourdes). One's Christian life can be seen as a type of pilgrimage because the Bible teaches that this world is not the Christian's home. Heaven is the Christian's home and life on earth is really a great pilgrimage on the way to heaven. Along the way, like in Canterbury Tales, are many challenges and hardships. The Christian will encounter many types of people along the way. The Christian will have his/her faith tested along the way. The Christian will commit many sins along the way. Ultimately, though, the Christian will arrive at heaven in spite of all of these challenges because Christ died on the cross for their sins. The Christian believes that eternal life in heaven comes through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement for sin. The Christian can share his/her testimony (or story, like the characters do in Canterbury Tales) so that others may also receive salvation. The Christian believes that this is his "great commission" while on earth - to be a witness to others and to "always give an explanation for the hope that is in him" as Paul writes in his epistles. If this is a writing assignment, I am assuming that your professor wants you to write of your own personal "pilgrimage."

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