Can people give me some questions about ch.6? I would really appreciate it. thanks

mkcapen1 | Student

1.  Why is Cassie angry at Big Ma?

Her mother had made her apologize to Lillian Jean.  She felt her mother had betrayed her by taking the Simmes' side.

2.  How does Cassie think that her father would have handled the situation?

Her father would have listened to her.

3.  Why was Cassie banned from Mr. Barnett's store?

She had told him that  that he should have been taking care of  her family's needs instead of waiting on everyone in the store before he served them.

4.  What did Charlie Simmes do to Cassie that causes Uncle Hammer to become upset?

Charlie Simmes knocked Cassie off the sidewalk.

5.  Why is Big Ma worried when she sees Uncle Hammer's reaction to the story about Cassie being knocked off the sidewalk?

Big Ma was afraid that Uncle Hammer might do something that would cause trouble.

6.  Where does Cassie think Uncle Hammer is going when he leaves the house?

She believes he is going to Mr. Simmes.

7.  What does Cassie think Uncle Hammer was heading to the Simmes??

Cassie thinks he went to get even because he had knocked her down.

8.  What reason does Mama tell Cassie that white people said that slavery was good for black people?

The white people said that slavery was good for blacks because it made good Christians like the white people. 

We can not do a complete assignment, but this should help.

c2222227 | Student

What will happen if uncle hammer makes it to the Simm's house?


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