Can a New York City's teacher's license be revoked for an invalid reason?A friend of mine had her teachers license revolked, what are the grounds for the city to do this and how can she get her...

Can a New York City's teacher's license be revoked for an invalid reason?

A friend of mine had her teachers license revolked, what are the grounds for the city to do this and how can she get her license back so as to teach in other counties.  The case is already in court and I feel that that the school was in violation of her rights.  I would like to get help for her and pass information over to her attornies to help in this case. I have read through the Fifth Admendment, Discrimination, FRE, Punitive Damages etc. but am still not able to come up with a defense. Could use your help----Tom

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Again, to echo the sentiments of the previous posts, I can only hope that a good union will be able to quote the law to your friend in great detail.  I think that the revoking of a teacher's license is vastly different than being dismissed from a job.  If I know the situation, I believe that the state is the only body that can revoke a teacher's liscense.  A city or school board can petition or make a request that it be revoked, but the liscense to teach in a public school comes from the state board of education and they are the ones who can revoke teaching credentials.

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My gut instinct is to tell you "no".  Teachers' licenses can not be revolked for no good reason.  However, we don't know the reasons for your friend's situation.  My best suggestion is to get in touch with a representative of the New York Teachers Association or of the National Educators' Association and inquire.  Your friend will need to contact them...especially if she is a member of the teachers order to give the attorneys the information they need to go to bat for her.  As long as she has not broken any law or code of ethics, I don't see why her license would be revolked.

Good Luck!

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I hope your friend is a member of a valid teachers union such as the National Education Association. One of the benefits of membership include providing a lawyer from your local to represent her for such a case. If not, it is important to get a good lawyer with an extensive background in educational law. The teachers contract should be checked thoroughly and a valid reason should be given for termination of the license. In most states you need to meet certain requirements for transfer of ones license, so it is important to get the license back even if one does not teach in the same school district.

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The school systems typically have a conduct clause somewhere in their contract. If for some reason, a teacher conducts himself or herself in a manner unbecomming the profession, that is grounds for dismissal.  I am not sure that that is grounds for terminating a license.

Lately, not meeting the requirements for the No Child Left Behind "highly qualified" standard is grounds for job termination.  I am again not sure if that is grounds for losing a teaching license.

I hope your friend is a member of a teacher's union with legal representation. The main thing would be find an attorney with extensive background in educational law so that the teaching license can be preserved regardless of the job situation.

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