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Can a new absolute rule be that "moral thinking is always wrong"? Im writing an essay and want to conclude with-With concerns to what should be done and what shouldn’t be done could bring about a new absolute rule. “Moral thinking is always wrong". Can this be a good conclusion any opinions on what i should say. PLEASE ANSWER! I know the rules say that you dont ask essay questions, which this is not, i just need an opinion and answer, really quick.

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You really should have posted this question on the discussion board for a wider variety of answers. It is an intriguing question, and it would get a lot of response.

It's difficult to tell you whether you have an effective conclusion without having read your entire essay, especially your thesis statement. What is the point of your essay? What is your argument?

As for your notion that moral thinking is always wrong, I'll have to disagree with, for one main reason: the word "always." Whenever you try to make a universal statement, you leave out all the "what ifs" that could lead you make exceptions to that universal rule. And what is "moral" thinking? Does it mean something different for you than it does for me?

Regardless of what my opinion is, if this is your stance, you should go with it!

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