This Side of Paradise Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Can my passage for a close reading be at the end of the novel? Im doing an oral presentation/close reading on This Side of Paradise. And i want my passage to be the one at the very end of the novel because i think it is very important, but is that okay for a close reading?

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I can't think of any reason in the world why you shouldn't be able to choose any passage for a close reading that you want. Your presentation would be most effective if you focused on the passage that appealed to you the most. And since the passage you favor comes at the very end of the novel, it ought to be pretty significant passage. Unless your teacher has indicated that the passage to be read has to appear in some specific part of the work, I think you should assume you have liberty to choose any passage you like. I'm glad you like This Side of Paradise. Fitzgerald was a great writer, and he certainly wrote some beautiful passages of prose. Lots of luck!

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