can money buy you everything you want?can money buy you everything you want?

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litteacher8 | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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Money can buy concrete things, but it can't buy everything. If you have enough money, you can buy any material possession. You might also have enough money to get people to be nice to you in hopes that you can do something for them. This is not real friendship or love though. That only comes from being a good person and genuinely caring for others.
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Money certainly cannot buy everything. That's because "everything" is not materialistic in nature. Money can only buy things that are tangible. It does not include things in life that are not, such as love or friends. I would go as far as to say that people who have an incredible amount of money are perhaps unhappy in many ways because of their wealth. People are more apt to use them for their monetary worth-not what they have to offer as a person.

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Good question. I think the question is subtly deceptive. Let me be the devil's advocate here, since most people believe that money cannot buy everything, which I ultimately believe. Sociologist talk about the commodification of life. What they mean by this is that our modern society tries its best to put a price tag on everything, so that we could consume it. And since the world, in many ways, is moved by money, more things are becoming commodified. Think about religion, if you give a lot of money, some say that you can buy friendship with the divine. Think about love. So many people are so moved by money that if you have it, you might be able to buy their love. I am sure that most people will disagree, but we need to realize that money does buy a lot!

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Ashley Kannan | Middle School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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This question will be a more of a discussion post.  I would say that money might be able to buy any material element that one might want.  If "everything" refers to objects or items, then perhaps money can purchase these items.  Whether or not one is able to afford them might be another discussion. The question becomes a bit more complex when we move it to more emotional level and higher up the hierarchy of needs.  In these instances, money might not be able to purchase everything needed because exact price tags and objects do not apply as easily.  Certainly, money helps, but it does not immediately provide an exchange value for these elements.

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Actually, when you think about it there very many things that money can't buy - even today with all the modern technology, surgical techniques and weather forecasting we can do. For example, to take some very simple things, a very short man who feels silly among his peers cannot buy himself tall, no matter how much of a millionaire he is. We don't have the drugd, steroids or whatever else it would take - yet! If there is very special day in our lives coming up, for example we have hired a marquee in the garden for a daughter's wedding, no amount of money can stop it raining! The most we can do is provide comfortable shelter for our guests. A sadder example would be a child dying from an incurable disease - until research and drugs improve, there may be nothing we can do but stand by helplessly.

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One of the basic ideas of economics is scarcity -- it's the idea that people have unlimited wants and only limited resources.  I agree with that principle because there is no way money could buy everything I want.  There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Some things I want are not tangible.  For example, I want to be loved and money can't buy that.
  • Some tangible things I want are not for sale.  I would love to live in a house at a certain place in Mt. Rainier National Park that I have been while backpacking.  I can't have that -- it's not for sale.
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It's true that money can buy a lot of stuff , but it is usually just stuff that are physical and would only give you temporary happiness . As we all know money can not buy true love or even true friendships . Also , I believe that money would actually bring one more stress because with a huge amount of money there is always going to be people who wants to rob you out of your wealth . This is basically why I believe that money is unable to buy everything in this world . 

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zumba96 | Student, Grade 11 | (Level 3) Valedictorian

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Not exactly, if you have a major operation that needs a lot of money required then yes it helps, but it cannot buy you things such as love and happiness. If you are a billionaire and you are all alone in a huge mansion is the money worth more than time you would spend with family even laughing at little things. Money can't buy everything

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Money cannot buy everything you want such as love. You cannot force someone to love you because love comes from your heart. Also it cannot buy happiness. There are people who also have money but they feel lonely. So love comes from your heart and you have to show your heart to others so that you won't be lonely.

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nusratfarah | (Level 1) Valedictorian

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Pohnpei397's answer made me really feel amused. In today's world, it is thought that money can buy everything and can give you anything desired, because, modern world has become too much materialistic, people are always busy in calculating how much profit they can earn investing a little. Again, there is a close connection between power and money, and people, for gaining power, are running after riches and fortune.

But, the point is- can money buy all? I do not think so. In my life, nobody, not even me, can ever buy with money two things; without money, they will remain the same as they are now. They are:

a) My belief in God,

b) Myself.

To me, my life is still as valuable at present as it will be in future, Money is not a factor. I won't deny the influence of money in my life, and I know that it is money which can make my life more prosperous, and I'll be able to gain reputation via money in many sectors. But money can not buy real happiness since my happiness lies in my contentment, and my contentment depends on myself. Others' liking for me does not bother me as greatly as my own liking for myself does. I know that I'm being very subjective, but, this is the way I am.

So, I'll say- no, money can't buy everything in my life.


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