Can you please give me the names of all the parts of a green bean?

Expert Answers
marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A green bean is a dicotyledon.  If you break open a bean seed, you can see the tiny little plant in the center of two halves called cotyledons (little food storage factories).  The tiny little stem is called the hypocotyl and the leaves are called plumules

With water, soil, and sunshine, a bean swells and starts to grow.  The cotyledons begin to split apart as the young stem (hypocotyl) breaks out of it.  It grows downward to form the main root and root system.  The upper part of the stem (plumules) grows upward towards the sunlight, carrying the cotyledons with it.  These cotyledons store food for the growing plants, and are the first leaves to appear above the ground.  The true leaves are formed from the plumule.  After they appear, the plant begins phosynthesis and the cotyledons dry up and fall off, no longer needed.

Bean plants have compound leaves, each of which is made up of three leaflets.  They grow by means of a bud tip located on the stem between the leading set of leaflets.  

Their flowers (or blossoms) look a lot like sweet peas and can be white, purple, or pink in color.  They produce seeds that are large, smooth, and flat, and grow in pods that can be split open into two halves.  Inside the pod, in neat little rows, are the bean seeds.  Both pods and seeds can be eaten.