Can injustices such as economic fairness (99% vs. 1%) , Women's rights (Contraception) and levels of education cause America to go into a Revolution?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to provoke a revolution, something has to affect a great majority of the people in a way that is very important.  Of the conditions you list, the only one that could possibly lead to a revolution would be income inequality, and even that is very unlikely at this point.

The current issue about contraceptives applies to a very small portion of the populace and therefore cannot cause a revolution.  The same is true of levels of education.  America is more educated than ever so anger over education is unlikely to cause a revolution.

What could cause a revolution is if too many people start to feel that they are working hard and not getting ahead while a few people at the top get extremely wealthy.  Just by itself, wealth at the top will not cause a rebellion.  Americans do not really care if there are really rich people so long as they themselves are relatively well-off.  If, however, enough Americans feel the system no longer rewards them for hard work, the presence of extreme wealth at the top could be cause for a revolution because so many people would be affected by it.

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