Can I have the summary of chapter 1 of The Betrothed?

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Don Abbondio, parish priest at Lecco, has agreed to perform the marriage ceremony of Lorenzo and Lucia, two young peasants. The day before, as he is walking home, Abbondio is stopped by two “bravoes,” or elaborately dressed, armed men. The narrator includes a lengthy discourse on the history of this type of servant, including a royal prohibition on employing them. These two, who work for a local nobleman, Don Rodrigo, warn Abbondio not to marry the couple and not to reveal that the order came from Rodrigo; then they leave him. The narrator offers a large number of reasons that the less-than-courageous Abbondio could not expect help from the law.

He walks the rest of the way home, pondering how he might convince either one of the couple not to get married, but he cannot think of anything valid. At home, when his housekeeper, Perpetua, greets him, she recognizes how distressed he is. At first he refuses to say, telling her only that he has been...

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