Can I have the text of "A Horse and Two Goats"?  

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This story, first published by R.K. Narayan in 1960, is still under copyright, so the text is not available for reading online free of charge. Narayan published a collection of stories under the same title in 1970, so you might want to find a copy for purchase at Amazon or Alibris or some other bookseller. Or look to see if your local library has a copy. Good luck!

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You can find the text in "Stories Of Ourselves" for Olevles Grade 9.. Or else if u find it difficult to buy the book than just search the story on google and you'll find the story in results..:)
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im also studying the story of ourselves! its included in olevels sylabus for grade9! its an awsome book with lots of short stories!!!



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this short story is also in the book stories of ourselves. It is a book by cambridge for those who are doing O-Levels (which we are studying right now) this book contains different short stories like:- her first ball, the custody of the pumpkin e.t.c

short stories from different authors around the world :)

hope this helped


it looks like as if i am advertising this book :P