The Crazy Horse Electric Game

by Chris Crutcher
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What are the summary and themes of the book The Crazy Electric Horse Game?

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There is a one page summary here:

But briefly, The Crazy Horse Electric Game by Chris Crutcher begins with Willie Weaver, the star pitcher for Coho, Montana’s local baseball team, preparing to play the most important game of his life. Willie wins the championship, but has a tragic water-skiing accident that leaves him disabled physically. Willie withdraws, feels suicidal, sees a therapist, and finally, after hearing his parents argue about him, takes a greyhound bus to San Fransisco. He makes it to Oakland, gets beat up and his money stolen by a gang and is rescued by a bus driver named Lacy. Lacy turns out to be a pimp, but helps Willie get into a special school called One More Last Chance High School. Willie likes the school. The Gang that beat up Willie when he moved to Oakland burns down the school. The school gets rebuild, largely in part to Willie, Willie decides after he graduates to go back home. Once at home he realizes that a lot has changed in the two years he's been gone (his parents are divorced, Jennie, his old girlfriend is different). He realizes he doesn't belong there anymore and leaves.

Themes: Identity, self-reliance, fear, family. Look here for more info:

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