Can I have a summary of the entire book A Brighter Sun?

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It is quite hard to give a cohesive summary of A Brighter Sun just because the book is so episodic in nature (in that there is a connecting theme about what Tiger learns, but much of the book can be shuffled and produce the same result).  Regardless, I am happy to attempt a general summary for you.

Joe Martin and his wife, Rita, are neighbors with Tiger and his wife, Urmilla, in Barataria (in Trinidad).  They seem to exist in two totally different classes.  Joe and Rita are middle class with a brick house and running water and electricity.  In contrast, Tiger and Urmilla are in the lower class with a mud hut with no water or electricity.  Even though they are vastly different in regard to heritage (East Indian vs. Black) and in regard to class (lower class vs. middle class), the couples become good friends.  Tiger is expected to be a simple farmer:

You gettam house which side Barataria,...

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