Can I have the summary of Chapter IV of Animal Farm?

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With the rebellion a success, Snowball and Napoleon decide next to spread the word of animal power to other farms in the area. They send out pigeons to carry the word, teaching the song Beasts of England to the still-subjugated animals. The owners of the neighboring farms, Frederick and Pilkington, though unfriendly with each other, both worried that their properties might next be subject to rebellious animals. So, joining with Mr. Jones, they led a small party of men to reclaim Manor Farm. The animals were warned in advance by the pigeons, and Snowball had already expected such action, and he had the animals prepared. Snowball first ordered a "skirmishing manoeuvre," before he led the second attack himself. Ordering a retreat in order to draw the men into further overconfidence, a third attack--an ambush--was ordered; horses, cows and pigs attacked in force, led by Snowball and the flying hoofs of Boxer. The men managed to escape, leaving the animals as victors in the Battle of the Cowshed.

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