Is it possible to have a positive view of religion?   Can I have positive views on religion

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Religion is a complex subject and is apparently responsible for wars and conflict the world over. Consider those countries where there is no religion or where religion is frowned upon. Surely then, if religion causes the problems, those countries - China, Vietnam, Russia- must be places of calm and hope and prosperity - without conflict. Unfortunately not!

Historically, wars aside, religion has created unity, community, ethical standards, compassionate people, purpose, those who want to save and protect others and so on: that is not to say that you must be religious to have these characteristics. Primarily however, those people who are not religious but who are morally and socially responsible, compassionate and protective have been exposed to religion and live in a society surrounded by religion:

religion likely served to explain natural events and create order out of the world.

Missionaries still go to remote parts of the world to bring a "message" of hope. They try to alleviate poverty and bring modern medicine. Some believe that they interfere but, in this modern world, where communication is key and CHOICE is the main issue, trying to reach others and help them, stop their suffering (famine, disease, etc) and bring meaning to their lives can surely only be applauded.

The problem with many people is that they are opinionated, self-absorbed, narrow-minded and above all, judgmental! No matter which religion a person belongs to, all religions teach of  finding your own faults before looking for the faults of others. But people don't do that. They are quick to judge but not quick to reflect.

People misunderstand the concept of judging and being judged. Obviously crime must be judged but you punish the crime and hope the criminal comes out the other side a better person. However, choice is the other thing about religion. Blaming religion or God for the evil in the world reveals a lack of understanding about choice.

We must "choose" to do the right thing and if we do not God will judge us. We are tasked with protecting and that requires decisions that may seem judgmental but objectivity is key and as long as that is present then the real judgment will come from God.

Using religion as your excuse to do awful things is reprehensible but that's not religion's fault - that's mankind and human nature. Christian religions hide behind doctrine and attend church every week - but they may still judge the pregnant woman next door instead of helping her, or run a red light (and create potential for an accident) in an effort not to be late for church or even frown on the boy who goes in to church in his flip flops! They may even commit terrible sexual crimes against children.  

Islam extremists  hide behind words that scare people like "jihad" and use that to commit heinous crimes. Jewish militants hide behind the "Law" and the concept of retribution that is so entrenched in their thinking and they involve innocent people in their "eye for an eye" philosophy.

None of this is "religion." All religion teaches respect for others and if we could all do that then wars and strife would not have the religious significance it apparently has.

Religion unites people - human nature divides them so let's make the choice and fight the selfishness and greed in us and we can enjoy all the positive effects of religion such as  love for your fellow man, mutual respect, sharing of resources, fighting poverty and enjoying the simple things in life.          


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Answer #2-   Very true !

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I think each soul is free to have all the views of each single thing.

But here the question is about Religion and so the answer is- Yes ofcourse one can have his/her own views about religion.

Infact, somehow it is necessary for everyone to atleast have some deep knowledge about religion. Because untill we dont reach to the knowledge of religion -- how would we able to reach to the TRUE meaning of the TRUE religion?!!!