What is a summary of parts IV and V of "Ode to the West Wind" by Shelley?

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In the 4th section, he says that if her were a leaf, or a cloud, or a wave, he could be blown by, flown to, or participate in, the power of the west wind.  He could "share the impulse of they strength, only less free than Thou, O uncontrollable!"  Even when he was a boy free to wander wherever with the wind, when being as fast as the wind "scarce seemed a vision" but a reality, he wouldn't have come to the wind with his prayers as now.  He longs to be a leaf or a cloud, and not be "chained and bowed" but "tameless, and swift, and proud."

In the 5th section, he wishes he could sing the wind's song, just like the forest does; if he were, he could have "a deep, Autumnal tone, sweet though in sadness."  He tells the wind to be his spirit, to be him, to "drive my dead thoughts over the universe" and to "scatter...my words among mankind."  He wants to, through his lips, just like the wind, be "the trumpet of prophecy" just like the wind heralds the coming of spring.

I hope that helps!  I provided links to the poem below, for a more thorough discussion of it, that should also help.

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