Can I have a chapter by chapter summary of We Need To Talk About Kevin? Please?

Expert Answers
psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to create a chapter by chapter summery of We Need to Talk About Kevin you want to first create an outline of the book so that you are aware of how many chapters need to be covered. Within each chapter of the book there will be key events that cause the plot line and character development to move forward driving the story to the conclusion in the end.

Within the novel We Need to Talk About Kevin we are reading about the main character’s view of her son who committed a school massacre. This means that the focus of the chapter summaries will explore the letters that Eva has sent to her husband exploring the details of their relationship prior to Kevin being born as well as Kevin’s behavior in his youth and leading up to the killing within the school.

An example of what an outline for a chapter summery could (although the details may be different and should be explored from the novel itself) look likes this:

I. Chapter 1 – Introduction to the characters within the book.

II. Chapter 2 – Early relationship between Eva and Franklin

III. Chapter 3 – Kevin’s behavior in early childhood.

When exploring each chapter a focus should be placed on the major plot development, which is the events that led to Kevin’s personality development which led him to the school massacre as viewed through the eyes of his mother.