Can a girl perform as Boy George on stage for fun?Can a girl perform as Boy George on stage for fun?

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I don't see any reason why a girl could not perform Boy George on stage. As other posters have stated over the years many paople have performed on stage as someone of the opposite sex. Have fun!!

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I, too, wondered if you could elaborate on your question. Generally speaking, people can act out the part of the opposite gender for fun...sometimes that makes it even funnier. But are you asking because of concerns about copyright? Or whether your school administration will allow it? It seems like a harmless, fun idea unless someone is stating that it's a problem.

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Absolutely! You stated that this for fun. What harm could come out of doing something that is harmless. Boy George was a cross dresser and I think that a female could play this part very well. Throughout many years males and females have played roles of the opposite sex. Many females have played masculine roles. For example, Peter Pan has been played by many different women in plays and in movies as well, all of whom have done an excellent job. If the goal here is to have fun then why not!

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You don't state under what circumstances - is this for a school talent show, at your church? At home?  In general I agree with the other posts that this is harmless fun, parody and imitation make for a good time.  Depending on where this takes place, it may or may not be appropriate.  Boy George is/was essentially a cross dresser, and in entertainment and humor we see this all the time.  So unless someone will be deeply offended (and maybe even if they are), knock yourself out!

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By Boy George, I assume you are talking about the male performer who dresses and sings like a woman. He was popular in the 1980's If you are making reference to him, then I do not see why a woman cannot do the same, that is, dress like a man and sing like one as well. Certainly these things are not main stream, but it can be done and if done well, it can even be entertaining. I also think that you point to an essential point in your last word, "fun." If fun is the goal, then it is really up to the person who wants to do this and the audience. If it is fun for them, then it's fine.

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Definitely they can. In fact, in many plays, actors of a particular gender have acted and are acting, taking the opposite gender's get-up. It is very common in Shakespearean dramas. And, in ancient days, men used to perform as females. So, for fun or any other propose in the play, performers can hide their original sexual identity and act on stage.

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I would say it all depends on the circumstances. If someone says yes, and you find out that you will get detention, suspended, or even expelled, then it would not have been a good idea in the first place. You would have to provide more details as to where it will be performed, when, and who will be attending. It is best to ask permission first, and if it OK with the people in charge of the performance, then I don't see why you could not do it. 

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Why not? It's unstructured play (kind of), and if it can begin in delight to end in wisdom then it will be art too.

Even the silliest smallest idea can become great if you care deeply enough to bring it to life.

The reality isn't in the thing you are making (a stage show, for example, might hinge on an idea that has no grand design other than it might be a lot of fun) but in the spirit given to others through what you have done.

Maybe your friends will want to be on stage with you. It might be neat to bounce costume get ups around with each other until you all have created something really interesting for as many people as possible.

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I don't see why not.  Girls and boys alike should be able to and can play any part in a play.  I've seen girls play great as Robin Hood, better than most boys even.  There should be absolutely no reason for a girl to turn away from acting in a male character.