Does Smooching Cause Pregnancy

Can a girl become pregnant if a boy kisses her on her lips? Any type of risk like pregnancy, death?

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No, kissing cannot cause pregnancy. Kissing can indeed pass along the germs that cause some illnesses, such as a cold, mononucleosis, strep throat, or cold sores, but in general kissing itself is considered pretty safe from a health standpoint. However, kissing can make a couple want even more physical contact, and that desire for contact can lead to having sexual relations, which is how pregnancy occurs.

A woman gets pregnant if a sperm cell from the man's reproductive tract reaches an egg released from the woman's ovaries. There are only certain times during the woman's monthly cycle when an egg is available for this to happen. Sperm, which are made in the man's testes, are mixed with a fluid called semen. During sexual encounters semen can come out of the man's penis; if any of it gets into a woman's vagina, the sperm cells begin to swim further into her body. If one of them finds an egg cell inside her and fertilizes it, then that is the start of a baby and she will become pregnant.

While it is possible to have sexual relations without getting pregnant, having sex can also pass along illnesses known as sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these diseases have very serious consequences, including death. I encourage you to talk with a parent, your doctor, or some other adult you trust, and learn more about all of this before you begin kissing boys.


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No it will not.

But it may be responsible for the transfer of some communicable diseases (which are spread by droplet infection) between the two.

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Maybe there is more to this question than meets the eye. There is a sense in which kissing a girl on the lips can get her pregnant. Kissing leads to more kissing, and more kissing leads to fondling, and--well, you know what I mean. Kissing is part of the whole package. It is an initial part of love-making and is not intended by Mother Nature to stop there. It might be described as a part of foreplay, mightn't it? Even the other issues that result from the preliminary stage of kissing are not the final end of the process. What all these fun and games are intended to result in is pregnancy. It could be argued that kissing can get a girl pregnant and that it often does. We see some pretty wild kissing in the movies these days. It never stops with that. The guy and the girl don't just suddenly break off and comb their hair and take a few deep breaths and then go their separate ways. Not in the movies I've seen!

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The naivete shown by this question really reminds some of us who have survived adolescence of how little we knew and how timid we felt about our first attempts at intimacy. It also suggests what a good thing it would be if the schools would offer some purely academic instruction in such things as puberty and human biology.

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no, it is not possible that if a boy kisses a girl she is going to get pregnant.when he kisses her on lips that is not any type of interaction between the male and female sex organs.

♦ pregnancy only takes place when the sperm and egg(ovum) fertilises and forms zygote.

♦ it cannot almost be called as a sexual relationship between a girl and a, no pregnancy could take place.

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Pregnancy can be caused only when the sperm fertilises the egg and by no other means, irrespective of the manner it makes way to the egg. However, kissing on lips or anywhere else cannot make a girl pregnant.

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Of course not. They can not become pregnant just by kissing on the lips. It's not that simple. It's more complicated than that. A girl can get pregnant with intercourse with the male interest.

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No a girl cannot become pregnant from kissing. Pregnancy occurs when there is fertilization by the sperm, during sexual intercourse.

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No, a girl can not become pregnant from kissing. However, keep in mind that when you are exchanging a kiss you expose yourself to the possibilities of cold sores (which are blisters that can form inside or outside the lip area), herpes (a disease that will never go away and you will be stuck with it forever but this is rare), and falling sick.

In order for a female to become pregnant she must engage in intercourse with a male.

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Kissing can not lead you directly to pregnancy or death. Kissing can spread germs between the two people and lead to mono, herpes, or other things like strep throat or cold sores. At no point can or will kissing directly impregnate you or cause any severe effect such as death.   

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Kissing does not cause pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs only when sexual intercourse has occurred. Although however, if a person's mouth comes into contact with a genital sore, and you kiss the person, you will get the sores.

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A girl can't be pregnant if a boy kisses her. The only way for a girl to get pregnant is for her to have unprotected sex. A girl gets pregnant when sperm gets to the eggs inside her body, no way else. When a boy and a girl kiss, they only exchange saliva, germs, and bacteria so it won't make her pregnant. 

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Technically it is not possible but ancient society concerned that it could lead to a pregnancy. So they threatened the younger generations to restrain from having relationship before marriage. It also makes sense that it could help reduce the teenage pregnancy. Health classes in middle and high school should focus on these issues.

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A girl cannot get pregnant if a boy kisses her on the lips. In order for one to get pregnant, a sperm cell needs to unite with an egg ( which is impossible to happen if you're kissing ) . Kissing though can spread germs which are able to cause illness , colds ...

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It is not possible to get pregnant from kissing, the body fluids that make you pregnant are not formed in the mouth. Even if you have oral sex you can't get pregnant.