Can I get a summary pf the poem Mientras por competir con tu cabello by Luis de Góngora (for AP SPANISH LIT Class)?

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mimerajver eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are asking for a summary of two poems -Mientras por competir por tu cabello and Peso ancestral- and one short story, Las medias rojas. They are not connected among them and belong in different times and styles. I will provide one, and suggest that you post the other two as separate questions.

Here is a summary of Mientras por competir por tu cabello. This is a sonnet written in 1582 by Spanish poet Luis de Góngora y Agote at age 21. The sonnet is composed of 14 hendecasyllabic lines (i.e. 11 syllables each line), with two quatrains (each quatrain contains four lines) and two tercets (each made up of three lines). The rhyme pattern is ABBA, ABBA, CDC, DCD.

Góngora compares a lady's beauty (the tacit "you" in the sonnet) to that of nature, making it clear that the lady is by far the more beautiful, as shown in the lines

Mientras por competir con tu cabello,
oro bruñido al sol relumbra en vano;

The poet encourages the lady to enjoy her beauty and youth while they last, before time consumes them and death destroys them, without leaving even a trace of what she was:

Goza cuello, cabello, labio y frente,
antes que lo que fue en tu edad dorada
oro, lilio, clavel, cristal luciente,
No sólo en plata o viola troncada
se vuelva, mas tu y ello juntamente
en tierra, en humo, en polvo, en sombra, en nada.

The sharp contrasts between beauty and decay, life's pleasures and death, are in keeping with the Baroque philosophy of illusion and disillusion. It is, besides, a manifestation of "Carpe diem" -seize the day- as we find it in Horace's Odes (I, 11).