Can you help me find examples of figurative language from the third part of the book?

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1) METAPHOR: "Lights flicked on and house doors opened all down the street, to watch the carnival set which torches wuld be juggled and fire eaten." (Although the author does not use the words like or as he is comparing the scene at Montag's house to a carnival.)

2) ALLUSION: "Old Montag wanted to fly near the sun and now that he's burnt his damn wings, he wonders why." (Beatty is referring to the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, in which a man and his son manage to fly by attaching wings to their shoulders; see link below.) 

3) SIMILE: "He felt his head turn like a stone carving to dark place next door" (A comparison is made, using the word like).

4) ANAPHORA: "She saw everything.  She didn't do anything to anyone.  She just let them alone." (The word she is repeated at the beginning of each sentence.)