Can I get a list of all the characters through out the whole story?

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There are many minor characters in this book mentioned here and there, but here are the important ones:

Scout- Jane Louise Finch, Atticus's daughter and the narrator

Jem- Jeremy Finch, Atticus’s son and Scout’s older brother

Atticus Finch- the lawyer who defends Tom Robinson, Jem and Scout’s father

Calpurnia- the Finch’s black housekeeper, who raised the children

Tom Robinson- the innocent young black man accused of raping a white woman

Mayella Ewell- the young white woman Tom Robinson is accused of raping

Bob Ewell- father of Mayella, who accuses Tom Robinson of rape and attempts to kill Scout, killed by Boo Radley

Arthur “Boo” Radley- reclusive young man who is the neighborhood phantom, but befriends the children from afar and saves their lives

Nathan Radley- Boo’s father, who keeps him secluded

Dill- Charles Baker Harris, a friend of the children who comes to Maycomb to visit his aunt Rachel

Aunt Alexandra- Atticus’s brother who comes to stay with the Finches during the trial and make sure Scout grows up a lady

Heck Tate- the sheriff

Judge Taylor- oversees Tom Robinson’s trial

Mrs. Dubose- the old woman who dies after overcoming her morphine addiction and teaches Jew courage

Miss Maudie- unmarried neighborhood sage, friend to the children

Miss Stephanie Crawford- the neighborhood gossip

Rachel Haverford- Dill’s aunt

Walter Cunningham, Jr. - Scout’s classmate

Walter Cunningham- a poor man who pays Atticus in goods and stops the mob from lynching Tom

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