Can I get gift cards if I am not a educator?

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Yes, if you are not an educator on eNotes but you are a TA member you can redeem your points to earn gift cards to your favourite places.

TAs gain points (bonus points) by answering unanswered questions which are marked as TAs' questions. Once a TA has earned at least 30 points for his or her approved answers, he or she can redeem these points to earn a gift card. The gift cards are for items everyone especially high schoolers will enjoy such as Starbucks, iTunes, Target, Amazon, Gap and eNotes Homework Help Credits.

To become a TA member and subsequently redeem points for gift cards, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Resides in the United States (US)

2. Currently attending high school or college in the US

3. Specialize in answering question in Literature, Writing, Math, Science, or History