Can I get an in-depth analysis of "Zebras" by Roy Campbell?I have to teach this poem, but it's a bit vague.  I need an in-depth analysis.

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I just reread the poem in order to be able to give you a more solid answer, and in this rereading what struck me most were two things:

1. The form of the poem: It's a sonnet, obviously, and it's clearly more an Italian sonnet than it is an English sonnet. In teaching the poem, you could show students how to scan lines and how to label the end rhyme in order to fully appreciate the poem's structure. Simply talking about form, though, can be dull, so I'd suggest maybe explaining that sonnets tend to be love poems and then asking if this poem isn't also a sort of love poem (or a sex poem, perhaps more accurately).

2. The imagery of the poem: The images in "The Zebras" are beautiful. Depending on your group of students, you could ask them to identify specfic types of images (e.g. the constant play in the on light versus darkness, which echoes the very patterns on the zebras).

I hope that these suggestions are helpful. Send me a message if you want to talk more.

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