Can Gertude from Hamlet be considered a sacrfice? I really need a quick response. HELP!!!!!!!

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question is a little hard to understand. If you are asking whether Gertrude might have been making a sacrifice by marrying Claudius, especially so soon after the death of her first husband, i believe a case could be made for the argument, although it might be impossible to prove. If Claudius became King and then proposed to Gertrude, she might be in a tough spot. If she accepted him, then she could protect her son's interest as heir-apparent to the throne of Denmark. If she refused, however, she and Hamlet would still be dependent on Claudius for all their needs. She might retain the title of Queen, but she might lose all the luxuries she is accustomed to. Her son might be in the same position. He would live on at court as a poor relation. Claudius would certainly want to marry somebody, even if only because he is such a lusty man. But a king needs a queen. And he would very likely marry a young woman of high status, possibly from a foreign country. Such a young woman would probably produce a number of children, and Hamlet would find himself cut out of the line of succession, regardless of whether the new queen produced boys or girls. There is even a possibility that Claudius might marry Ophelia! Her father would love that, and she would do as told. Gertrude might have considered all those things and accepted Claudius' proposal for solely practical reasons.