Can it be found  20 treatments, at least, to combat the "orange peel" appearance of skin?

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The name of  "Orange peel" is the equivalent of cellulite.

Cellulite treatments

 1.Massage with sea salt This process helps to strengthen connective tissue in areas with cellulite. Massage with sea salt is made in the shower, after which the entire body surface is rinsed with water thoroughly. Finally, it's recommended to use a moisturizing cream or remove a few slices of fresh cucumber.

2. Physical activity To prevent deposition of fat, water accumulation in the tissues or lymphatic circulation stagnation, 2-3 times a week we have to make time for exercise - cycling, swimming, jogging or even walking are  efficient activities in combating cellulite.

3. Dietary fat Reduce as much as possible the consumption of animal fats. Opt for foods cooked, fried or baked ... and not overdo with the sweets!

4. Massage cellulite This procedure simply "cut" the fat in tissues affected by cellulite. For massage can be used essential oils, such as rose, wheat germ, etc..

5. Packing clay and chamomile Special packing increases skin elasticity and prevent the inflammation. Clay powder is mixed with hot chamomile extract and homogenized until the paste becomes softer. Then, the areas affected by cellulite are covered with the paste,which is let it to dry and after 20 minutes is removed with warm water.

6. Cocktail that burns fat! This beverage is made from skim milk to which are added strawberries and blueberries. In general, berries standardize fat tissues, strengthens the connective tissue, skim milk improves digestion.

7. Beauty captured in cabbage Any healthy diet must include cabbage, because it helps to burn fat and eliminate toxins from the body, thereby helping to treat cellulite.

8. Dry massage These techniques should become as common as oral hygiene.

Dry massage techniques:
a. comfort massage - is done with the whole surface of the fingers or palm. The movements are long and all directed to the chest area.

b. embrocation - is done with fingers and less frequently with all your palm. The movements are slow, in depth, to facilitate relief, muscle relaxation but also the elimination of tension and contraction, or fast and energetic, helping to eliminate toxins and water from tissues.

c. kneading - is performed after a preliminary heating of the tissue with massage movements listed above. Kneading is done like I knead a bread dough.

9. Packing seaweed Some seaweed helps eliminate toxins from areas affected by cellulite, improving the effect of "orange peel".

10. Outdoor walks If you spend too much time sitting, blood circulation becomes poor, because acids are formed that lead to metabolic disorders. So, find time for walking because it is extremely effective!

11. Replace sugar with fruit

12. Secrets of "shower " Alternating hot water with cold in order to water shower  stimulates skin by improving blood flow to tissues.

13. Silicic acid This substance prevents the occurrence of fat, eliminating the appearance of "orange peel".

15. Potato Maybe you did not know, but the potato helps maintain skin elasticity, because it contains potassium which helps eliminate fluids and toxins from the body.

16. Standardization of fat deposits Patchy fat deposits can be alleviated by reducing the local hydration. Tincture of birch leaf helps eliminate toxins from the body.

17. Vitamin C

18. Onions - This vegetable is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium - substances that "clean" fats.

19. Regular bowel activity

20. The fight against stress

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