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Because green plants depend upon solar energy to carry out photosynthesis, there are no flowers that can live in caves. Plants that produce flowers are called Angiosperms--these are green plants that depend on light energy to manufacture chemical energy or glucose as a food source via photosynthesis. The only light in proximity to a cave habitat is at the very entrance, but even that amount is too indirect and diffuse for most plants to thrive. There are ferns that have been found growing in the entrance to caves, but these are adapted to low light intensity and produce spores, not flowers. Other simple plants that exist at the entrance include mosses and liverworts. The interior of caves have a habitat in total darkness, constant temperature and humidity. The only plant life is foraged by animals who leave the cave and bring back food to their young or those who excrete wastes that may contain remnants of plant matter. Although the cave food chain depends on light, it is the plants on the surface that occasionally get washed into the cave by flooding that will provide a food source for the organisms who dwell inside the cave. 

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