Can extracurricular activities help reduce teenage sexual activity?  

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I will argue that involvement in extracurricular activities can help to reduce sexual activity in some teens.  Specifically, I will argue that teens who engage in sexual activity as a way to improve their image of themselves will be less likely to do so if they participate in extracurriculars.

One reason for teens to have sex is low self-image.  Some teens do not really like themselves.  They may engage in sexual activities because they think this is the only way they will get others to like them.  Or they may do so because it makes them feel like they are worthwhile.  If teens are having sex for this reason, extracurriculars could help them.

Extracurriculars can give teens a feeling of accomplishment and belonging.  Teens can find an activity that they are good at.  This will help them feel more worthwhile.  They can be part of a group.  This, too, will help them feel more likeable.

In these ways, extracurriculars can help reduce sexual activity among some teens.