Can a computer class in high school have a final?

Expert Answers
dmcgillem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Absolutely.  Performance-based classes are still classes that cover a certain curriculum.  Some classes are based primarily on academic knowledge - those are the types that are most commonly associated with final exams.  However, skill-based classes (music, art, drama, computer, physical education, etc.) can still have performance-based assessments.  In choir, it could consist of reading music, sight-singing, or correct posture.  In band, it could consist of correct fingering technique for a particular instrument, in physical education, it could consist of basic skills in a particular sport like tennis.  If the computer class is a keyboarding (typing) class, then a final exam might consist of an evaluation of speed and accuracy, as well as keyboard layout.  In a class focusing on computer literacy, a final exam might consist of demonstrating your skill by creating a spreadsheet, formatting a word processing document, or using hyperlinks.  Anything that can be taught and learned can be assessed.