Can a change made in one area of a company lead to a change in other areas?  Why or why not?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is no question that a change made in one area of a company leads to a change in other areas. The reason why is because organizational leadership is made of a systematic modus operandi where each part, whether big or small, contributes toward the ultimate mission of the group.

In an organization, everybody, from the person who throws away the trash, to the CEO have specific role to play. The leader ensures that the employees interact in a clean, safe environment where productivity is at its highest. When ONE thing goes wrong, the domino effect will undoubtedly affect operations.

Take the example of the person who throws away the trash. Although janitorial duties are not as highly-paid as executive duties, imagine an organization with no janitors. Imagine a building that is dirty, dingy, and unhygienic. That, alone, will distance the employees from achieving anything because they are unhappy with their surroundings and, in turn, productivity will be affected.

Another example are purchasing agents. A lack of a good purchasing agent means that the essential supplies for productivity may or may not be available. Imagine an office with no copy paper, with no ink on the copy machines, with faulty/slow computers and without other essential items. Disaster ensues.

Hence, one faulty part of an organization definitely affects all others.