Can caves be regarded as centers of human habitation? Why?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One basic need of humans is shelter. Some of the earliest humans used what they had in their natural environment, such as caves. From this perspective, we can say that caves were early centers of human civilization. Thankfully humans have evolved from living in caves, but much of human survival depended on these caves. 

Recently, there was an article in National Geographic that suggested that human bones were found in a cave that dated back some 400,000 years. This finding, to date, is the oldest human DNA sequencing decoded. Of course, little is known, but we can say that caves played an important role for this early human. 

Closely allied to this finding is the idea of the earliest human art forms. These, too, were found in caves. This shows that caves were not only places of refuge for people, but also places of incipient civilization. Societies were born.