Can a bug /spider /moth climb up your nose and lay eggs, if so what would the symptoms be? What would happen if it did?

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Myiasis is the term for when a parasitic fly larvae feeds on a hosts living tissue. "Myia" in Greek means fly. Infestation by fly larvae is more common in livestock and other animals. However, it can also occur in rural and tropical areas and can be dangerous to one's health. Some flies will lay eggs in broken skin, in the ears and can be ingested if swallowed on food. Some flies that can cause problems to humans are blowflies, fleshflies and botflies. The symptoms of nasal myiasis are irritation and obstruction of the nasal passages and sometimes facial swelling and fever. Sometimes, the patient can die if this is left untreated. Insecticides are needed to control these kinds of insects, and sometimes, male insects are sterilized and released to cut down on reproductive success. Sanitation, good hygiene, clean clothes and heat from ironing clothes can kill the flies.

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