Examine how the Big Five Personality Test results can affect career plans.

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The original question had to be pared down.  I think that a diagnostic test such as the Big Five Personality Test can help to match individuals with professional career plans where such strengths can be maximized.  I don't see it meant to be used in an absolutist and dogmatic manner.  Yet, I think that there can be some level of guidance that the diagnostic's results can give in terms of helping to guide career choices.  For example, the trait of Openness would be helpful in a field where sales and sales experiences are vitally important.  The diagnostic can link trait to professional capacity for success.  Careers in sales requires some level of openness in terms of being able to being flexibility to the needs of customers and ensuring that sales meet such ends.  At the same time, the trait of Agreeableness would be needed in a professional endeavor where cooperation and collaboration are deemed essential.  A career that is rooted in the cooperative and teamwork element is where one can see the trait of Agreeableness as being needed.  These examples help to demonstrate how results of the Big Five Personality test can be used to design and affect career plans of a specific individual in the hopes of matching up strengths of personality to a career where these can be maximized.


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